New Fastener System For Soft Reflector

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New Fasterner System For Soft Reflector

We have the new fastener part for the soft reflectors now, which will help people fix the reflector onto the clothing much easier and looks nicer.

Both of the ends for the string part are fixed with the metal wrap part tightly, so it is not easy to loose.

The cost for such process will be around 3 cents. which is acceptable for the customer.

You can consider this fastener part for your new reflectors.


Ningbo Vegetarian Association

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Ningbo Vegetarian Association was founded on March,2015

we made a facebook site :


logo Ningbo Vegetarian Association

Printing On The Reflectors

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The printing method will effect the reflective effect for the soft reflectors.

The reflective vinyl material for silver color, is in weak transparent. you can see through the printing like below photo.

printing on and under see from different angle

When we design a soft reflector, we must think about how to print it in best way.

For silk printing, the ink will cover 100% on the reflective material. it brings no reflective effect any more.

While for the offsest printing, the ink layer is very thin, so the light still can go through the material.

For EN13356 designs, the area without printing should be more than 15cm2, normally, we leave 20cm2 at least.

Below photos shows the silk printing ink covers the reflective material.

silk printing on the soft reflector view

below photo shows the offset printing will still have reflective effect. not so much but still works.

offset printing and silk printing on the soft reflector view

but of course, even whith CMYK offset printing on the surface, the reflector will not pass the EN13356 testing. because the ink effets the reflection a lot.





Reflector for Shoes, Shoelace Reflector

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This is a very simple reflector design for shoelace, the size: 3.5X2cm is for one reflector.  so total size for a piece is 3.5X4cm

We can have many colors avaiable.

Logo printing: avaiable.

shoe reflector size

reflector for shoelace - shoe reflector

reflector for shoes


A LED Shoe Light Clip For Running, Jogging, Cycling, LED Runner Safety Clip

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This is a LED clip used onto the shoe heels, LED Runner Safety Clips

Used For Running, Cycling, Joggin At Night.

LED light inside: 2pcs φ3mm LED (Color options: Red, Green, Blue, White)

Battery:  CR2032 X2

Working mode: Steady – Flashing – Off

Working time: 120 hours for flashing

Product size: 91*85*31mm

N/W.: Approx 32grm

LED shoe clip 300X


Reflective LED Velcro Clip On

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The reflective LED velcro clip on is made of reflective vinyl, with velcro part on the back.

The size is 22X3.8cm when opened, with a LED part inside.

LED reflective velcro clip Multilight 300X











LED reflector clip on Multilight 300X 1












Reflectors for Children’s Bicycles

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A solution for Kids Safety On Bicycle

1, a safety reflective vest.

bicycle children safety vest












2, Bicycle Spoke Reflective Sticker

bicycle spoke reflective sticker












See below photos for the application on the bicycle  spoke


bicycle spoke reflective sticker how to fix









bicycle spoke reflective sticker how to fix 2









3, Bicycle Spoke Soft Reflector Clip

bicycle spoke soft reflector clip













this reflector is made of soft reflective vinyl.

size: 5X7cm


4, Reflective Backpack Cover

reflective backpack cover












5,  Reflective Sticker

reflective sticker set












6, Reflective Slap Wrap Band

reflective snap wrap band












7, Reflective Elestic Armband/Legband

reflective elastic armband legband












8, Reflective LED Armband

reflective LED armband












9, Reflective Tags/Hangers

reflective tags EN13356 CE











10, spoke reflective stick

spoke reflector bicycle













bike wheel reflective clip













contact us by reflective (at)

Difference Between EN ISO 20471:2013 and EN471

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From 1st. Oct. 2013, the EN ISO 20471:2013 was introduced. This new harmonized standard has replaced the former standard EN 471:2003+A1:2007. All High Visibility products introduced in the market from now on, will have to be CE marked and certified to ISO EN 20471. In practical terms, materials manufacturers and Notified Bodies will need time to update the required documentation needed to CE mark the garments to the new norm. Products that are CE marked to EN 471 or ISO EN 20471 will therefore now co-exist on the market during the years ahead and will only change as manufacturers are updating their products and documentation.

The new norm will essentially provide the same level of safety as EN 471, but there are a few important changes which are summarized below.

Scope: The standard specifies the requirements for high visibility clothing “which is capable of visually signaling the user’s presence”.  The new standard has broadened the usage base and a distinction between different types of risk situations has been made. The defined risk situations will be the basis for which norm is applicable for the user.  ISO EN 20471 is applicable to high-risk situations.

Design:  Basics such as the area requirements for background materials, retroreflective materials and combined performance materials with three classes of garments remains unchanged. The main difference is in the specific design requirements. The requirements are now depending on which part of the body the garment is covering, and not as in the previous version, where the type of garment was the basis for the design requirements. In the new norm, all class 3 garments must cover the torso and have as a minimum either sleeves with retroreflective bands or full length trouser legs with retroreflective bands.  This ends the possibility to CE mark sleeveless class 3 garments. It is now also possible to CE mark separate garments together to fulfill a requirement for a certain performance class. This is achieved by a so called clothing ensemble: e.g. by certifying jackets and trousers together to obtain a class 3 requirement.

Materials requirements: The requirements for the 3 defined fluorescent colours remain unchanged, but the background materials must now undergo testing also after washing as indicated by the manufacturer. Performance after washing now also requires each cycle to be a wash and dry cycle. This is also true for reflective materials. For separate performance retroreflective materials, the weaker performing material corresponding to EN 471 level 1 is now deleted, leaving the former EN 471 level 2 materials as the only option. Adjustments have been made to requirements of non-fluorescent background materials (see details in Fact Sheet).

Marking, Care labeling The new graphical symbol for High Visibiliy Clothing has been simplified.  After removing the type 1 reflective material from the norm, the figure indicated in the symbol (X) is now indicating the garment class only. An important change is that a defined explanation to the meaning of the maximum number of cleaning cycles provided with the garment (essentially stating that cleaning is not the only factor related to the life time of the product) must now be included in the information supplied by the manufacturer.

从2013年10月1日起,欧盟委员会决定,EN ISO 20471:2013《高能见度服装-测试方法和要求》将取代EN471:2003+A1:2007《专用高能见度警示服-测试方法和要求》成为欧盟安全反光服的新协调标准。自2013年10月1日起,所有根据EN471测试的安全反光服的EEC验证证书将失效;所有安全反光服在投放欧盟市场前都应符合EN ISO 20471:2013标准的要求。根据要求,新版EN ISO 20471:2013反光服标准与旧版EN471:2003+A1:2007标准的主要区别主要包括以下七个方面:
六是反光材料的各项性能级别没有区分,要求与EN 471的2级一样;


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Reflective Led Armband in 5cm

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here is the reflective armband in 5cm for width.  with 6 LEDs on it. but still with one CR2032 battery.

the whole size is 5X42cm; each item is packed with a polybag.  packing information: 43X28X48cm  500pcs 13.5Kg




























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