Soft Reflector in Different Embossed Styles

from the above video, we can see 3 different embossed styles on the soft reflectors. the first one is the by one mold embossed directly, so the embossed lines will go through the reflector, the backside has the embossed lines. the 2nd one needs to process 3 times. firstly the frontside and backside material are […]

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How Micro Glass Bead Reflective Material Works?

Retroreflectivity helps the eye perceive objects in low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source. In more scientific terms, retroreflection occurs when light rays are returned in the direction from which they came. Some objects, such as light bulbs and fireflies emit light making them visible at night. Reflectivity, on the other hand, bounces light […]


How To Design A Soft Reflector Based On CE EN13356

Want to design a soft reflector based on CE EN13356 ? You need below steps to get a correct reflector which is OK for EN13356 Step 1: Decide The Size for EN13356 regulation, the minimum area is 15cm2. but in fact, it is not big enough in our daily application. we would like to suggest 25cm2 […]

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A Bicycle Wheel Clip Reflector

To make a plastic based bicycle wheel clip reflector need to make a plastic tooling first. and then we put a reflective sticker onto the surface. We spent one month to make the plastic tooling for this new reflective bicycle spoke reflector  

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Reflective Snap Band Luggage Tag

Reflective Snap Band Luggage Tag is a simple and useful luggage tag for your travelling time. The size is 22.5cm in length and 7cm for the round tag.  You can write the name and tel. no on the backside. The Reflective Snap Band Luggage Tag can easy to fix onto the luggage with the slap […]

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