Warning Text Collection For Reflectors (Swedish & Norwegian)

According to CE, normally the warning text should be printed on the packing or the products. 1, Swedish 1 Denna reflex är gjord av 3M Scotchlite material som är godkänt enligt EN13356:2001. Tänk på att hänga eller fästa reflexen lågt på dina kläder, väska eller ryggsäck så att den nås av fordonens ljuskäglor! Det bästa […]

Safety Regulation

Printing On The Reflectors

The printing method will effect the reflective effect for the soft reflectors. The reflective vinyl material for silver color, is in weak transparent. you can see through the printing like below photo. When we design a soft reflector, we must think about how to print it in best way. For silk printing, the ink will […]

Reflector Design

New Fastener System For Soft Reflector

We have the new fastener part for the soft reflectors now, which will help people fix the reflector onto the clothing much easier and looks nicer. Both of the ends for the string part are fixed with the metal wrap part tightly, so it is not easy to loose. The cost for such process will […]

Reflector Design

How To Design A Safe Routes To School Safety Reflectors for American States

To make a design for the Safe Routes To School Safety Reflectors for American States, you need to consider how to process the outline of the reflector. most of the outline for the American States is simple. it is easy to have the die cut line for the high frequency tooling. but some of the states is […]

Reflector Design

Color Swatch of Reflective Vinyl

Reflective Vinyl (PVC) has different colors, below is the regular color we used in the production. 1, Reflective Vinyl made in China the reflective vinyl made in China is for  low-end market, the reflection is not so high but it still in reflective. below is the color swatch we have Size: 46X46cm Thickness: 0.25mm 2, […]


Information For The ‘Real Reflector’ From Latvia Website

Original from Patērētāju tiesību aizsardzības centrs (turpmāk – PTAC) divu gadu laikā ir veicis kontroles projekta pasākumus par atstarotājiem. Apkopojot un izanalizējot projekta rezultātus, galvenie secinājumi ir šādi: • Piedāvājot atstarotājus tirgū, tie netiek identificēti kā individuālie aizsardzības līdzekļi (turpmāk- IAL); • Atstarotājiem nav CE marķējums, vai nav ievērotas tā proporcijas, līdz ar to nav […]

Safety Regulation

Color Transfer Problem Of Reflective PVC

The soft reflector is made of reflective vinyl (PVC).  but when you put the silver reflective item like slapwrap, hanger, sticker etc together with the lime color reflectors,  the silver ones will have some yellow color on the surface after some days, weeks , sometimes even some hours. it is the character of the PVC […]

Reflector Design

Promotional Reflector or Professional Reflector

We always meet the unclear conditions for CE of the reflective items for slapwrap , hangers and stickers etc. If you want to sell it as a ‘Reflective’ item for traffic safety, strictly speaking, the reflective items should meet CE EN13356 in Europe. Let’s call it Professional Reflector. But if you want to sell it […]

Safety Regulation

The Line On The Reflective PVC Surface

When you check the some of reflective items carefully, you will find there is a line on the surface of these slap warp or badge etc. sometimes it is a very thick one and sometimes it is a very thin line. like the above photo. The left is a 3M one and the right is […]

Reflector Design

EU Protection Standards Collection

Protection Standards.. Different jobs often require different types of safety equipment. We at Spartan can advise you of the correct standards that you should adhere to in any circumstances. Head Protection: EN397, EN812 Eye Protection: EN169, EN175 Hearing Protection: EN352 Respiratory Protection: EN136, EN140, EN141, EN149, EN405 Waterproof Garments EN343 High Visability Garments: EN471 Gloves: […]

Safety Regulation
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